Love this!  US online clothing retailer Betabrand offers instant discounts to customers in return for their pictures  in Betabrand clothes and accessories, simple enough – This example gets it right on every level – lovely tone of voice and personality -collections of great pictures  in their Wall of Fame Model Citizen section- this is the best example of brand fans I have seen in a while. It is also a clear example of how important and ‘sticky’ user generated content can be, and how to make your customers work for you in the online space.

Betabrand have really got the  language right too. I  love their ‘Model Citizen’ concept to house all the pictures!

They ask for weird and whacky and they get it!


Innovation wise, this is an example of a brand really thinking about how to engage in conversation with it’s fans online. They have spent time understanding how customers can be advocates and are generous enough to allow their fans space to share their own stuff on  site too…they mean it, and that all adds to the love-in.

Calling the section Model Citizen, tongue in cheek and playful and celebrating the Wall of Fame works.

Celebrating those who celebrate you is a top tip when it comes to customer experience innovation.

How good are you at recognising the people who love your brand /product ? How easy is it for them to engage and publicise their enthusiasm  on your site ?  How many clothing brands do you know who’d have  a picture of a kid in a green onesie sporting a pair of their up market sun glasses  ?

Check the images out on Betabrand’s Model Citizen section. See what happens when you relax the brand control uptightness a bit, relinquishing a bit of that ‘control’ can pay back in spades.

Betabrand Customers in their clothing  -

Betabrand Customers in their clothing –