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What We Do

The Ideas Machine team has worked on hundreds of innovation projects for some of the world’s best known businesses and brands. We have particular experience in the MENA region.

We do innovation projects focused on:

New directions for brands

Development of new products and services

Business Process and Organisational Change

Customer experience and digital transformation

We start with insight and focus our creative process on ideas that drive change and growth. Experienced client and agency side, we speak fluent brand, marketing and digital.

From simple naming projects, through to global innovation processes for major multinationals, we have worked across multiple sectors providing insight-led innovation. Check out our latest projects here..

We have academic experts in organisational psychology on our team meaning The Ideas Machine brings both real world experience, matched with the latest academic research in the field.

Marketing & Brand Strategy
Helping clients deliver innovative marketing and brand strategies is our bread and butter. We have sat on both sides of the fence – agency and client side. Our clients are typically CMOs and brand leaders looking to use innovation to unlock growth and find new connections to markets and consumers.

“The most innovative people I have worked with. I would recommend to anyone who needs to inject fresh thinking into their business.” S Rasmussen, Marketing Director, Northern Europe, Johnson & Johnson

Typical questions we use innovation to solve for marketing clients…

  • Are there new business models and routes to market we can utilize to unlock value?
  • What should the positioning for this brand be?
  • We need an approach to innovation for the global marketing group– can you help?
  • Which new segments can we target and how?
  • How can we get some really good insight on trends and innovation ?
  • Can you help us get some fresh customer insight ?
Customer research

Innovation starts with insight, so we spend a lot of time doing research- we like our clients to join in, on the ‘explore’ phase of projects- we run qual groups, in home interviews as well as less conventional ethnographic approaches to getting new and interesting insight. We don’t believe in huge reports, or two way mirrors. We use super users and industry experts in innovation panels to build ideas with us. And we have a network of global gurus based in China, MENA Europe and the US who offer insight from their markets to stimulate thinking on our projects.

Customer Experience

As founders of the What if Customer Experience team we have deep expertise in this area. From call centres, to food halls, we have worked on customer service and customer experience innovation for hotel chains, retailers, financial services and utilities providers.  We work with customer experience experts to deliver WOW factor insights, analyse what matters to your customers and unlock hidden value. We have a proven process to make these ideas real, test them LIVE and iterate to quick solutions that work.

Check out our latest projects here

How We Work

The Ideas Machine is a network of innovation experts. This is how we work.


The Ideas Machine collaborates with a range of creative people from designers, filmmakers, and storytellers, to trend hunters and tech geeks project by project.


Ours are not the only brains in the room, you know your organisation and your challenge better than we do… so we work closely in partnership with our client teams. Workshops and brainstorms are the order of the day

Insight First

The best ideas are rooted in great insight. Hunting for killer insights can take us to some weird and wonderful places. Exceptional customer research underpins most of our project work.

Real World

Making concepts ‘real’ and testing them out is where we really learn how ideas can work. Fast. We follow ‘lean start up’ principles -from illustrations and consumer groups through to ‘live’ store experience mock ups and digital applications. Prototyping helps us fail faster and learn quicker.

Who We Are

The Ideas Machine is a network of experienced, creative innovators, working together on local, regional and global innovation projects.

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