What Imogen Heap has to teach us about Innovation

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Imogen Heap is known for her experimental approach in the creative arts, so in many ways it comes as little surprise she is a big fan of the opportunities ‘Blockchain’ offers to artists (Check our her excellent blog ImogenHeap). Her creative think tank Mycelia for Music is a great example of artists taking a proactive […]

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Will a robot take your job ?

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Interesting debate with some students we are teaching about innovation this week. We have been discussing AI, Robotics, Machine Learning,The SIngularity and all these exciting tech-driven futures. They suddenly got worried about being made obsolete by machines….asked whether unchecked ‘innovation’ is always a good thing ? I found a website set up by the BBC […]

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Open Innovation What Next

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Open Innovation is a theory of innovation coined by Henry Chesbrough in his 2003 book ‘Open Innovation’. He talked about innovation that is not vertically integrated, but that happens as a result of know how or technology coming in from outside the firm, or similarly resulting from the same flowing out from the firm. These […]

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Nooglers and Googlers

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Imagine loving your job enough to wear a hat like this during your induction ? The Ideas Machine went to Google HQ at Mountain View and we saw some pretty neat stuff. Gushing about Google is being added to our CV as we write. Couple of things in particular hit home; they have their own […]

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300 year old theory challenges today’s innovators

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At The Ideas Machine, we love stuff like this… some Cambridge boffins have been looking into extreme innovation ( talking our language). They have explored some ideas by Francis Bacon C1600 and used his approach to think about how organisations innovate today.  This is what the Judge Institute, Cambridge University, Professor of Economics and Organisation, […]

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Future of retail: Tech enhances real world experiences

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Great article from the ever reliable blog PSFK, Ray Velez of Razorfish on the ways retailers are using digtial tech to enhance real world shopping experiences. We at The Ideas Machine particularly like his take that it is about integration and using digital in the real world space, not just about mining digital channels for customers. […]

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