It would be churlish not to comment on US clothing retailer American Apparel ‘s decision to ‘shock’ using mannequins with full pubic hair. Seen here sporting a rather large ‘bush’ showing through flimsy undergarments, this plastic lady and her plastic friends have been seen across select AA US store window displays.

Personally, I love it.  Interesting that something so, shall we say, ubiquitous can be used to such great PR effect. Simple, cheap to do, massive PR, what’s not to like ?

From an innovation perspective, this example teaches there is value in revisiting taboos. It encourages us not to feel like we have to beat the marketing teams of our competitors by playing according to category or advertising rules and mores.

I am not saying massive ‘bush in-ya-face’ is the best tactic for a fashion brand, nor that shock tactics are always a great plan, but this American Apparel stunt certainly got buzz  and  let’s face it, the story adds a degree of interest to what is otherwise a black and white box selling sweat tops and casual gear.