London has literally hundreds of thousands of options for tourists, visitors. So what do you think the world’s biggest peer review network Trip Advisor rates regularly in the top 3 of the long, long list ? The Answer : Hint Hunt.

Hint Hunt is a live, interactive,  escape game, for 3-5 people, based around 3 small rooms, in a really small office building near Soho, London.  Gamers get 60 minutes to crack the puzzles and get out on time. Simple. And if the reviews are anything to go by they love it!

This little place beats Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, The London Eye….. rated third of thousands on Trip Advisor,  Hint Hunt is hard to find out much about ( players respect the element of surprise and don’t reveal too much in their posts).

This is a lesson, if any of us really need one, in the true power of peer review and social media /networks. Tripadvisor reviews have taken this tiny enterprise to the very, very top of the table.

Entrance to Hint Hunt