Bill Strickland’s book titled Make the Impossible Possible is the story of how a projects drop out ended up lecturing at Harvard and transforming the lives of thousands.  Bill’s belief that environment can shape experience and enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their prospects is a living reality at the Manchester Bidwell Corporation in Pittsburg, USA. 

Bill is a legend. His personal story is worth the read, and the MBC is the embodiment of his belief in the power of our environment to share our experience. Kids from ‘the projects’ experience art, jazz, fine arts and attend sessions learning skills which equip them to create a better future. Powerful, inspirational stuff.

At Manchester Bidwell Corporation, we have a simple philosophy – environment shapes people’s lives. By constructing an empowering atmosphere of art, light, music and a staff that strives to realize the genius in everyone, we enable our students to become productive society members.

The Ideas Machine have visited MBC and it remains one of the most important and inspiring lessons in how the space we inhabit can influence what we are able to achieve. Youngsters who would otherwise have been written off, dropped out, or worse are seen tending orchids, listening to jazz, making beautiful ceramics, cooking for one another…. awe inspiring.