Valentine’s Day got me thinking about how all things digital are changing our relationships. When the path to true love for many lusty Tinder users involves more swiping than Shakespeare, what future is there for courting and romance ? According to  Bloomberg Business Week, Chief Executive Officer of Tinder, Sean Rad, said, “the word ‘dating’ doesn’t even mean shit to us. What does that even mean?”

Tinder insists it is a ‘friend finding’, not a ‘mate finding’ app, it offers a ‘hot or not’ option to swipe through potential ‘friends’ mates based on their picture and location. Millions are using Tinder as a quicker, instant date /mate option over traditional dating sites.  So has the path to true love becomes a numbers game ? What impact will Tinder have on dating sites like andOkcupid ?  Are the days of time consuming completion of date site profiles going, going gone when the instant hotline to love or ‘hook ups’ on Tinder beckons ?

More of a traditionalist, (and married to a wonderful man with no need to trawl the web for my life partner) I prefer the amazing example set by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the world of online love. They famously tweeted a modern version of Romeo and Juliet – a fantastic idea and one I am sure Shakespeare would wholeheartedly have approved of.  As Hockney is to the iPad, so William Shakespeare would, I just know it, have embraced the opportunity 140 characters presents. Such Tweet Sorrow ( @Such_Tweet) was an exercise that restored my faith in love and the digi-sphere.  Tinder is the more tragic.

Check out this article – covering what users do on Tinder, and how Tinder execs insist they are in the business of ‘friend finding’ not date seeking. You decide!

Finding Friends on Tinder