As design thinking nears its half century birthday, it seems it is big news still for some large corporates.


While the core of the innovation and creative world have been busy incorporating user centred design into processes, as well as product and service development for years, many big corporates and big 5 consultancies have struggled with the concept. At The Ideas Machine we have always taken a design thinking, user centric approach to innovation, so it is music to our ears that Mckinsey is now all aboard, and that the consultancy firm are developing some hard metrics around the business case for design. Watch this space for more on design led metrics. We know that ‘good design ( beyond product and service) is good for business’and that the companies who are truly customer centric, looking for the ‘jobs to be done’ for their customers are those who win, and now Mckinsey is proving it for the number crunching sceptics.  Check it out here