Happy Anniversary

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One year in, The Ideas Machine is still getting great teams together to work on challenging, ground-breaking projects. Founder Victoria Harrison-Mirauer is working as Faculty in the Innovation and Strategy team at Ashridge Business School, which means we are bringing the latest academic research to our real world client projects too. Celebrating being a year […]

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Funding Circle Ad Goes Live

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The Ideas Machine is delighted to have been a part of creating this fantastic ad. We’ve been working with Media partners Squadron Venture London and client Funding Circle to deliver an impactful, creative, differentiated TV ad Why TV ? The innovation challenge for this start up business loan provider was twofold- first to work out […]

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Make the Impossible Possible

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Bill Strickland’s book titled Make the Impossible Possible is the story of how a projects drop out ended up lecturing at Harvard and transforming the lives of thousands.  Bill’s belief that environment can shape experience and enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their prospects is a living reality at the Manchester Bidwell Corporation in […]

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Disrupt or be Disrupted

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The New Yorker’s Jill Lepore writes eloquently about the impact of the ‘cult like’ followers of Clayton Christensen’s theory ‘Disruptive Innovation’ an answer to the question why do organisations fail ? In a nutshell this theory holds that the organisations cited in the research failed because they didn’t defend themselves properly against ‘disruptors’ , they […]

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Amazing story of the two thousand year old computer

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History has masses of lessons for innovators, and The Ideas Machine team love this one…. hail the Antikythera. Acknowledged as a work of genius, it is a effectively an ‘analog’ computer……. yes, a computer,  discovered at the turn of the 20th century and over two thousand years old.  The Antikythera’s geared mechanism has been an […]

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Built in Obsolescence

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So according to trend hunters PSFK  these rubber Italian Sunglasses will last forever ( or at least they won’t break when you sit on them). Silly colours and a bit of a fashion challenge for even the most chic Italian- but it got The Ideas Machine brains thinking. There are loads of products which ‘fail’ […]

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